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Benefits to Using Public Adjusters for Summer Hurricane Damage Claims

view of house damaged by hurricane

We all dread learning that a summer hurricane is forecast. The thought of personal property damage and having to submit a hurricane damage claim, however, is about on par with concerns for potential asset losses. For your peace of mind, United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, the region’s leading public adjuster firm, recommends that you consult with our professionals before the late summer hurricane season starts. This way you’ll be fully prepared in the event of a severe storm, both this year and for seasons to come.  

First, a few tips to avoid asset losses. Take a walk around your property looking for sites where water can breach structures and items that can cause high wind damage. Be sure to examine the roof. If there are cracked or missing shingles, have them promptly replaced. If the roofing materials are rippled, this signals that your roof is at the end of its service life. Have it replaced. Today’s roofing materials last an average of 30 years and a new roof will increase the value of your home. Your windows are another source of water damage. Ensure that these are caulked and all panes intact. Next corral and store any outdoor furniture or grills, etc. that can be propelled by wind gusts into your home or outbuildings. Taking these precautions will reduce or eliminate the need to initiate a hurricane damage claim. Next, what to do first after a summer hurricane.

As soon as the storm has passed, take another walk around your property. Bring your cell phone to take photos of any damage. These can range from downed trees and tree limbs, to bent or damaged lawn furniture, or a grill. Do not overlook portions of your lawn that may have been mangled by debris, damage to outbuildings or sheds, windows, your driveway, and of course, your roof. Take photos and call United Public Adjusters & Appraisers before you call your storm damage insurance adjuster. We’ll promptly dispatch our team to assess your issues, review your policies, and assist you to prepare your claim. Our support continues as next we’ll negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you’ll receive the highest settlement that your policy allows.

Will your storm damage insurance adjuster from your insurance company do all that? For your peace of mind we recommend you contact us before the onset of the summer hurricane season. We’ll be glad to discuss your options as well as the full range of the impartial professional services we provide. 

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