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Do You Have Water Damage from a Frozen and Burst Pipe Break?

A drop in temperature can spell disaster for property owners. As temperatures decline, water in plumbing pipes freezes, causing them to burst. The worst part is that homeowners have no clue that they have a problem until the temperature rises and pipes thaw; revealing water damage. This chaotic situation is likely to escalate into an expensive endeavor to mitigate, as walls may need to be opened up to locate the pipe break and there’s also the aspect of water remediation so that you do not wind up with mold.

Frozen and Burst Pipe Property Insurance Claims

The last element you have time or patience to deal with is the property insurance claim. This is a situation where utilizing a public adjuster is the optimal choice. A public adjuster such as United Public Adjusters & Appraisers Inc. is your private adjuster and works directly for YOU to represent your claim to the insurance company with the result of attaining maximum benefits in the least amount of time possible.


Whether you are a homeowner or a seasonal homeowner, United will advocate fearlessly on your behalf to ensure you are restored back to normal. Our team will not only review and interpret the policy to advocate on your behalf, we will also compile a detailed inventory list to account for every dollar you are entitled to. If your residence is not livable, we will help you secure Temporary Housing or for those homeowners with tenants, we assist with filing a Loss of Rental Claim.

Businesses, Commercial Buildings & Institutions

If you are a business, commercial building or institution, we will handle all elements of business interruption, to get your operations back up and running. One of the most frustrating aspects of restoring operations is the remediation and rebuild. We assist with contacting professional licensed restoration companies, so that you are placed in good hands and so that your property is restored by a qualified, professional vendor. Our experience in large loss claims, construction and real-estate enables us to get ahead of the complexity of settling the claim on your behalf.


Working with a public adjuster ensures that you have an expert on your side, protecting your best interests and many policyholders are not aware that there are no out of pocket expenses. Public adjusters work based on a percentage/retainer and we do not get paid unless we settle the claim on your behalf.


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