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Five Tips to Safeguard Your Home During the Winter

By August 17th, 2023No Comments
Male Plumber Using Wrench To Fix Leaking Sink In Home Bathroom

Five Tips to Safeguard Your Home/Office From Cold Weather:

  1. Secure your Windows
    • weather stripping deteriorates over time from cold winter weather and strong sun.
    • do not forget to close your windows when leaving your home for an extending amount of time.
  2. Flat Roofs
    • Weight of snow cause roof damage.
    • Have you roof inspected by a roofer to make sure drains on the roof are clear from any debris or anything that would prevent them from draining water properly.
    • Clog drains will create water to pool and your roof to become a swimming pool.
  3. Gutter Size and Placement
    • It is important to make sure you do not have undersized gutters and that they are able to drain properly. When temperatures drop, the water inside your gutter can freeze cause a blockage.
    • Invest in Heat Tape for your gutters and downspouts. This is an inexpensive way to make sure to regulate temperature.
  4. Insulate
    • Your water meter, water main, and pipes are additional areas that can benefit for heat tape.
    • Insulation is another tool to be used for pipes and be sure you have insulated walls. It’s very common for bathrooms to get drafty under tubs which exposes those pipes to very cold temperatures, resulting in a pipe burst/crack/break.
  5. Invest in thermostats that let you control temperatures, even when you are not home, ex: Nest. Also investigate the benefits or water sensors ex: Flume Water. This technology allows for you to be involved with your home well being even when you are away for an extended amount of time.


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