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Flooding in the Hamptons: How Public Adjusters Can Help

This summer, the East End of Long Island has been inundated by deluge after deluge, with rainfall reaching record amounts. As a result, towns from Southampton to Montauk have experienced both coastal and inland flooding. Many homes and businesses from Water Mill through Amagansett have posted videos on numerous social media outlets that record high water levels inside professional buildings, as well as residences. Each structure has been breached due to excessive rainfall that rose 18–24 inches or higher, destroying property including home furnishings in its wake. Mother Nature does not discriminate. The forces of nature impacted homes in East End subdivisions as well as mansions along East Hampton’s Dune Road. What these homeowners have in common is a need for assistance to document, estimate, inventory, and submit their flood damage claim to their insurance carrier. While major flooding in the Hamptons did not qualify as a media event with newspaper and television coverage, it has not escaped the attention of United Public Adjusters & Appraisers. We are here to offer our professional guidance throughout the entirety of your claims process and will negotiate on your behalf with your insurer to bring about a just settlement.

It is rare for a basement in the Hamptons to not be finished as additional living space. Among the damages and losses noted in numerous social media postings were home theaters – from seating and flooring to wall coverings, screens, and decor. These additional living spaces often include guest suites with bedrooms, kitchens, and baths. All soft furnishings such as bedding, seating, and rugs were destroyed, as well as appliances and fixtures. There were videos depicting home gyms and fitness rooms whose equipment was a total loss as their electronics were ruined in the flash floods. Several wine cellars were also impacted. For some homeowners, however, the real sense of loss will become apparent when their insurance adjuster reviews their flood insurance policy and explains the ‘fine print’. That is- due to the nature of the flooding, i.e. natural causes, that their sustained losses may not be fully covered or covered at all.

Enter United Public Adjusters & Appraisers. We have assisted thousands of home and business owners nationwide to receive the settlement offers they deserve and require to renovate, replace, and rebuild their lives. If you have already prepared and submitted a flood damage claim to your insurer, we can review, append, and update this for you. We consider the residual impacts, such as hidden damages that will subsequently reveal themselves – including the likelihood that mold will form and require remediation. If your damages were extensive and/or the potential for mold formation dictate that your business and/or family must vacate your premises, we can assist you to locate temporary quarters. As negotiators, our team will push hard to facilitate the process so that you receive the highest settlement that your policy allows in as short an amount of time as possible. The recent flooding in the Hamptons was surprisingly not a major news event, possibly not to deter regional tourism, which is recovering from Pandemic losses. Yet, the rainfall this season has disrupted scores of businesses and affected many homeowners as well. United Public Adjusters & Appraisers values your time and wants to take the burden of constantly following up with your insurance carrier regarding your flood damage claim.

We invite you to schedule a confidential consultation with our professionals at your earliest convenience. You may not be aware, but claims that are prepared and submitted by public adjusters realize settlements that are exponentially higher than claims that are submitted by property and business owners themselves. Learn more by contacting our team today!


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