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How Can I Dispute a Denied Manhattan Home Insurance Claim?

Wall Of Windows On Buildings In Tribeca New York City

It was bad enough that the upstairs unit in your Tribeca condo had a plumbing issue. What was worse was that you were on a business trip when it occurred and returned to find some of your designer furnishings damaged beyond repair. But that was not the end of it. The home insurance claim you hastily submitted has been denied, and you are left not only with the cost of cleanup, but also with the replacement of costly items. At this point, what are your options? 

To avoid a tug-of-war between you and your insurance company, consider the services of an independent third party- a professional public insurance adjuster. The adjuster will provide a second professional, yet impartial opinion regarding your losses. This new estimate could either confirm the original assessment or, most likely, uncover leverage for challenging it by substantiating your original home insurance claim and right to a higher settlement. 

Additionally, the public adjuster will note aspects in your policy that may have been overlooked by your insurance assessor, such as your entitlement to new furnishings at “full-replacement value”. Another stress-reducing aspect to contacting a professional adjuster is that often they will take the reins, make suggestions to strengthen your argument, resubmit your home insurance claim, then advocate for you with your insurer. This process will likely ensure the highest settlement possible under your policy.

We’ve shown you the value in teaming up with a seasoned professional public adjuster to ‘have your back’ through advocacy and renegotiation of your home insurance claim. You’ve seen why it’s important to have someone who knows the ropes in your corner. At United Public Adjusters, our team is impartial. We will tell you honestly and accurately if your insurance settlement is just, or if you are being ‘low balled’. Next we will provide guidance on evaluating, improving, and resubmitting your claim to appeal your insurer’s decision. For residential and business insurance claims, United Public Adjusters is the team you’ll need on your side. To learn more, call us at 1-800-718-5677 or fill out our contact form.


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