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Hurricane Laura & Insurance: Obstacles to Recovery

By August 17th, 2023No Comments
Image of home destroyed by Hurrican Laura

When Hurricanes and Tropical Storms ravage local communities, access to proactive catastrophe response resources such as public adjusters & remediation companies become the primary focus, especially when insurance claims are concerned. The usual scenario requires the insured to call the insurance company and submit the claim, however, the process can change drastically during a disaster; adding stress on top of an already chaotic situation.

When a disaster occurs, insurance carriers become overwhelmed and experience large call volumes to their claim reporting departments. In order to manage the call volume, calls are outsourced to freelance catastrophe (CAT) independent adjusters. An independent adjuster can only represent the insurance company, not your best interests. CAT adjusters are prepared for large losses, they are not focused on one specific file. The CAT adjuster is spread thin with assessing 10-15 claims a day, often resulting in missing all the property damages which leads to an incorrect building offer from your insurance company. It is not reasonable to expect a fair settlement.

Often, you don’t even receive the courtesy of a scheduled appointment. The CAT adjuster shows up unannounced and if you are not available, you get moved to the bottom of the list. If you do open the door, the CAT adjuster won’t be able to answer any coverage or claim questions as most do not have authority to settle claims. Very often these adjusters are out of state and may not understand local construction pricing or the logistics of purchasing building materials. To make matters worse, you will wind up with a rushed, lowball settlement leaving you with not enough money to rebuild your home or business. 

A Helping Hand in Time of Disaster

For starters, you need an advocate who will care about your best interests. By hiring United Public Adjusters & Appraisers Inc., you are placing insurance recovery in the right hands. We advocate fiercely to move your claim to maximum settlement in the shortest period of time possible, so that you can rebuild and get your life back to normal. Our team manages all of the moving parts of the claim insurance process, including:

  •  reviewing your insurance policy to determine coverage
  •  contacting the insurance company to report the loss
  •  arrange for advanced payment from the carrier
  •  assist in securing the property and mitigating damages
  •  secure secondary housing
  •  organize your additional living expenses
  •  estimate building damages
  •  inspect, document and assign value to damaged personal property
  •  prepare a loss of rental income claim, if applicable
  •  negotiate and create urgency with the insurance company

In addition, we will consistently update you with transparency and communication at every stage of the process. With United Public Adjusters & Appraisers Inc. by your side, you will receive proper compensation for all covered damages in the shortest period of time. Give us a call today for a complimentary review of your specific situation. Our adjustment team can be reached at 1-800-718-LOSS. Be sure to ask about our policy:  No Recovery, No Fee.


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