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Long Island Strip Mall Fire Insurance Claim Recovery in Uniondale, NY

Fire Insurance Claim Uniondale NY

For background, our clients Susan and Ray Graham experienced a major fire at their Uniondale building which contained (6) retail storefronts. Unlike major commercial landlords, the Graham family also operated (2) small businesses out of the (6) retail spaces. Ray operates a successful electrical company and his wife Susan operates a successful hair and nail salon. Knowing that every revenue source including retail rentals and their own businesses was at stake, our firm United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. got to work immediately.

The Graham’s became family, as we were there for them during their worst times while guiding them through the fire insurance claim recovery process. Throughout this time, we were educating our clients on what they were entitled to, answering their questions, presenting their building and loss of rent claims to their insurance company, and negotiating the best settlement in the shortest period of time.

A couple of weeks ago, we visited their newly built building where Susan and Ray were operating out of their building while showing us their newly leased tenant spaces ( Ghost Kitchen and Paint Supply). While on-site, local community members approached the Graham family to offer assistance to rent the (2) other retail spaces. We are proud to have been involved with their recovery process and by watching the video. You will hear how much Susan and Ray were thankful for our help.

Whether a new, denied, delayed or underpaid claim, we will never let you walk alone. It’s time to settle that claim! Need a consultation on a recent fire insurance claim, call us at 1-800-718-5677 (LOSS) or fill out our online form.


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