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Unraveling the Maze of Hotel Damage Claims: Real Stories, Expert Solutions

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The hospitality industry is no stranger to unexpected mishaps and property damage claims. At United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc., we’ve seen it all – from the bizarre to the conventional. In this blog, we delve into real-life scenarios that hotel owners have faced and how our expertise turned potential disasters into successful recoveries.

1. The Case of the Misplaced Hanger: A Sprinkler Catastrophe

Imagine a guest placing a hanger on a sidewall sprinkler head, accidentally setting it off. The result? A flood not just in the room but also in the adjacent hallway and down to lower levels. This incident, while seemingly minor, caused extensive water damage and significant business disruption. Our team stepped in to manage the intricate claim process, ensuring that every aspect of damage was documented and compensated, including the business interruption costs.

2. The No-Smoking Policy Breach: Fire Damage and Liability Issues

A guest falling asleep with a lit cigarette in a non-smoking room may sound like a rare occurrence, but it’s a real scenario we’ve encountered. The resulting fire damage presented complex claim issues, not just in terms of property damage but also liability and policy compliance. Our experts navigated these challenges, achieving a fair settlement that covered restoration costs and addressed the hotel’s policy enforcement concerns.

3. When the Temperature Drops: The Sprinkler Freeze and Burst

Freezing temperatures can turn innocuous sprinkler systems into sources of significant water damage. Instances of sprinkler pipes or heads freezing and bursting have caused substantial damage throughout hotels, including guest rooms, lobbies, and dining areas. Our team’s swift action in these situations ensured that damages were meticulously assessed and fully claimed, minimizing the financial impact on the hotel’s operations.

4. Flooding and Sewer Backups: The Messy Reality

Flooding and sewer backups are among the more unpleasant incidents hotels have to deal with. Such scenarios require not just clean-up, but also a thorough health and safety assessment. We have extensive experience in handling these sensitive claims, ensuring that all aspects of sanitation, restoration, and business interruption are comprehensively addressed.

5. Assisting a Spectrum of Hospitality Establishments

Our expertise isn’t limited to brand or non-brand hotels. We’ve also successfully managed claims for inns, motels, and bed & breakfast establishments, each with their unique challenges and policy intricacies. Our adaptable approach ensures that every client receives personalized and effective claim management, regardless of their establishment’s size or type.


In the hospitality industry, unexpected incidents can lead to complex insurance claims. United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. stands out for its ability to handle a wide range of hotel-related claims with proficiency and thoroughness. Whether it’s water damage from a sprinkler mishap or fire damage due to a policy breach, our team is equipped to navigate through the complexities and secure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

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