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Preparing a Detailed Construction Repair Estimate After a Fire Loss: A Public Adjuster’s Comprehensive Approach


Experiencing a fire loss in your single-family home can be a challenging ordeal, requiring extensive rebuilding and repairs. In times like these, the expertise of a public adjuster becomes invaluable. At United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc., we understand the complex nature of fire damage claims and take a proactive approach to ensure fair compensation for policyholders. In this blog, we will walk you through the step-by-step process that our experienced public adjusters undertake to prepare a detailed line-by-line construction repair estimate. Additionally, we will shed light on how we address logistical concerns that could impact the rebuilding process and discuss the importance of considering the big picture for an efficient and effective reconstruction.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Initial Assessment: Our public adjusters conduct a thorough survey of the fire-damaged property, documenting all visible damage with detailed notes and photographs.
  2. Gathering Necessary Information: We delve into the homeowner’s background, considering the home’s history, repairs performed since ownership, and whether any permits were previously pulled.
  3. Considering Pre-Loss Pictures and Videos: To aid in recreating the home’s appearance, we inquire whether the homeowner possesses pre-loss pictures and videos, particularly those shared on social media during special occasions.
  4. Creating a Detailed Scope of Work: Based on our assessment and discussions with the homeowner, we meticulously outline the repair work, categorizing each task into specific sections with associated costs.
  5. Obtaining Cost Data: Our public adjusters conduct extensive research to determine accurate material and labor costs in the local market, considering any price fluctuations due to the fire’s impact on the construction industry.
  6. Calculating Labor Costs: We estimate the required labor hours for each task and apply appropriate labor rates to ensure precise cost calculations.
  7. Estimating Material Costs: A comprehensive list of materials needed for the repair work is compiled, and their corresponding costs are included in the estimate.
  8. Factoring in Hard and Soft Costs: We educate the homeowner about the distinction between hard and soft costs, explaining how each affects the overall estimate.
  9. Addressing Logistical Concerns: As experienced public adjusters, we know that logistical challenges can significantly impact the rebuilding process. For instance:

    • Rural Locations: We account for additional costs associated with transporting construction workers and materials to remote areas.

    • Private Communities: When working under community restrictions, we carefully plan and schedule work to comply with limitations while maximizing efficiency.

    • Landmarked Homes: Restoring historic properties requires specialized expertise and may affect material selection and approval processes.

    • Accessible Islands: For homes on private islands accessible only by ferry, we coordinate work hours based on ferry schedules and arrange accommodations for workers.

    •Material Supply Issues: We explore alternatives and account for potential delays if the nearest suppliers are far from the fire-damaged location.

  10. The Role of Professionals in Soft Costs: To rebuild the home properly, various professionals may be required. These can include:

    • Architect: Involved in designing the structure and layout of the home.

    • Engineers: Ensure the structural integrity and safety of the rebuild.

    • Expeditors: Handle permits, zoning, and approvals from local authorities.

    • Owner’s Representative: Acts on behalf of the homeowner, coordinating the rebuild.

    •Interior Designers: Assist in the aesthetic aspects of the rebuild.

  11. Emphasizing the Big Picture: At United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc., we understand that a comprehensive approach is vital. By considering all aspects of the rebuild, including logistical challenges, we provide accurate and realistic estimates.


Navigating the aftermath of a fire loss requires meticulous planning and expert guidance. As experienced public adjusters, we go beyond the standard fire claim process to account for logistical challenges that can impact the rebuilding process. Our proactive approach ensures that policyholders receive fair compensation and timely restoration. By considering the big picture and addressing the intricate details of the recreation process, we stand by our commitment to represent the homeowner’s best interests. With our expertise and dedication, you can confidently embark on rebuilding your cherished home after a fire loss.


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