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Preventing Property Damage with Water Sensors

Preventing Property Damage with Water Sensors

It is possible that right now a potential water damage issue is slowly presenting itself around your home or commercial property. You might notice a higher water bill that could be caused by a hidden leak. Perhaps there is new evidence of mold in your basement. Many do not realize it but according to the Insurance Information Institute (III), homes are 6 times more likely to have water damage than to have a fire, and 7 times more than to be burglarized. Additionally, the AIG insurance group states that if you are a condo owner, be aware that your units are twice as likely than free-standing homes to suffer water damage claims from toilets, refrigerators, shower, bath, and HVAC leaks.These are sobering statistics, however there is a workable water security solution: install water sensors.

These sensors offer protection from catastrophic water loss as well as to provide peace of mind. What are water sensors and how do they work? Water sensors detect where water is present. They are generally installed near appliances, HVAC, plumbing, and water mains. There are different types of water security systems such as sensors that gauge HVAC condensation and feature controls and alarms, sensor-based water shutoff valves, motion activated toilet shutoff systems, sump and well pump shutoffs, and for mains, flow-based water monitoring with shutoff systems. Most systems can be installed by plumbing professionals, and may feature either a sonic alarm or connectivity to send alerts to smart devices. The key to preventing widespread property damage is to detect any leak at the onset, and to repair it immediately and completely. That is the true value of installing a water detection system.

Based on recent statistics, the average amount submitted for water damage claims is just over $11K. That may not seem a high sum, but consider the inconvenience and disruption to the lives of those impacted by water damage. In addition, hidden leaks can cause property and structural damage, destroy irreplaceable personal items, increase insurance premiums, and create difficulty when selling a home. Water damage can also make a home or unit uninhabitable during restoration. Looking at water damage claims from this vantagepoint, the case for installing water sensors in any residence or commercial property is clearly made. Best of all, many residential and commercial property insurance policies may underwrite up to a stated amount of money to install water security systems throughout the policyholder’s structure.

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