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Public Adjusters to Assist With Texas Winter Storm Damage Claims

Texas Winter Storm Damage

With the recent winter storms ravaging Texas, commercial property owners are faced with challenges never before experienced.  Loss of power over extended periods of time, dangerously low temperatures, and impassable roadways have created extremely dangerous conditions for Texans.  Such an unusual storm and the resulting winter storm damage are particularly tragic as most properties in Texas are ill-prepared to navigate the resulting challenges.  Luckily, there are resources for commercial property owners that can advocate for them. 

Bursting pipes from the extreme cold are particularly nefarious as they create two potentially deadly conditions.  Firstly, and most importantly, many property owners across the state have lost access to clean and safe drinking water.  The Governor has recommended boiling any water prior to its consumption to kill any bacteria it may contain to make it safe.  The second condition facing homeowners is the resulting damage and potentially unsafe living conditions these burst pipes create.  Structural damage, loss of personal belongings as well as ruined wall and floor coverings will create a flood of disaster claims.  As with any extreme water condition, there is always the potential for mold growth which creates another potentially deadly living condition.

When faced with the aftermath of this storm, many business and property owners are turning to disaster insurance adjusters to assist in restoring their homes quickly and equitably.  The only goal of a professional public adjuster is to assist commercial property owners in the entire disaster insurance claim.  These specialists can be an invaluable resource in securing the premises, perform site inspections and arrange for appropriate tradesmen to begin the restoration process.  These service agencies must be licensed in the state where they operate so they are keenly aware of local codes and regulations that must be adhered to by both insurance carriers and hired restoration contractors.  As the existing results of this historic storm continue to unfold, having this type of expertise will be essential in navigating the winter storm damage claims across Texas.

The expert team at United Public Adjusters are licensed advocates across 20 states including Texas.  Our sole function is to assist businesses and commercial property owners facing disaster claims across the state.  Years of experience in handling winter storm claims are a particularly valuable asset for those who have never had to navigate these types of storm damage claims.  Our seasoned team of professionals encourages Texan homeowners at any stage of their disaster claim to better understand how an expert disaster insurance adjuster can get them faster and often more equitable settlements.  Perhaps the most intriguing part, beyond the invaluable assistance, is there are no upfront costs for clients.  Weather-related tragedies call for experienced advocates and the network of professionals at United Public Adjusters have earned a stellar reputation through their 1000’s of successful winter storm damage claims. You are encouraged to contact the team of professionals at United Public Adjusters at 1-800-718-LOSS for a free consultation on your winter storm damage claims.


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