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Public Adjusters Assist with Property Damage Claims on Fisher Island

Large landed on top off roof of house

Fisher Island is a unique paradise located off the East End of Long Island between New York and New London, Connecticut. The pace of life is slower here, and it is an ideal location for relaxation. Currently, 462 persons reside on this parcel of land that occupies 4.1 square miles. The average household income here is $113,454, however, it is a magnet for HNW individuals seeking seasonal rentals. The median Fisher Island property value is $1,442,200, however, in the event of property damage and/or asset losses, those figures may not reflect replacement costs. It is easy for homeowners on Fisher Island, as well as across the country, to believe, should disaster strike, that their property damage claims will result in a settlement that fully covers every associated contingency. 

Unfortunately, when many insurers process property damage claims, they do not consider the proprietary issues that rebuilding and even temporarily relocating families on Fisher Island families can entail. While serene, transporting goods and contractors via ferry to this remote locale can be a logistics nightmare. That’s because everyone and everything comes from a great distance and must be transported via ferry. When these important factors are not considered by insurers, this intentional oversight can lead to property damage claim settlement offers that will not cover the cost of repairs, rebuilding, and/or temporary shelter. Their insurance company may not share a displaced family’s need to return to normalcy as soon as possible, either. The result: an extended claims review process that scuttles homeowners’ timelines with architects, contractors, building materials suppliers, and even short-term leases.

As leading property damage adjusters, United Public Adjusters & Appraisers has assisted Fisher Island homeowners to receive the highest settlements their policies allow and are experienced in negotiating for the specific needs associated with the logistical issues involved throughout the claims/repair/replacement/rebuilding process. 

Let’s rewind and replay a recent property damage claim scenario. Here is a capsule summary of one of United Public Adjusters & Appraiser’s recent Fisher Island clients. This way, local residents will realize we have the scope and experience to both understand the issues homeowners face when submitting their property damage claims and negotiate on their behalf with insurers to facilitate an optimal outcome. Additionally, it underscores how our team does whatever it takes to assist our Fisher Island clients.

The Issue: a fire destroyed the kitchen of a contemporary waterfront home on Fisher Island. To observers, the fire had caused some damage, while water from fire hoses caused the flooring to buckle. 

Assessment: Serving as property damage adjusters, United Public Adjusters & Appraisers were quick to respond and took extensive photographs and video of the scene. It was not readily apparent, however, years of experience in similar situations allowed our team to look for and to note factors that an insurance adjuster generally would not consider. For example, relative to the floor construction, the fact that the same hardwood had been used throughout the ground floor of the dwelling and its particular installation type would require all the flooring on that level to be replaced as well. Additionally, unseen damage and potential issues would likely have been caused by smoke including electrical components throughout the home, along with molding and paneling on the second floor. While the fire itself had been contained in the kitchen, its impacts were observed throughout the premises. Our property damage claim submission addressed all these issues and impacts. 

Challenges: Fisher Island does not have a local building supply store. Nor are many of its residents licensed contractors. This means everything, from building materials to the rebuild workforce, must be sourced off island and conveyed via a small ferry with a very limited daily trip schedule. This lengthy commute does not only extend the contractors’ workday, but commands a premium price for their skills for Fisher Island residents. United Public Adjusters & Appraisers made all these issues clear and in minute detail in their client’s claim submission. 

Solution: United Public Adjusters & Appraisers was successful in obtaining an optimal outcome for this client. First, we assisted the homeowners to document and prepare a comprehensive property damage claim submission that addressed both the need to provide for seen and unseen damages as well as to rebuild in accordance with local building regulations including NEMA electrical standards. Factored into the claim and during subsequent negotiations was the urgent need for timeliness, as well as the unique logistical implications that the Fisher Island location poses. These considerations included how the location created a unique situation for obtaining building supplies, scheduling contractors, and their daily commutation by ferry as well as impacts upon each workday timeframe. 

To summarize, when your property damage assessment requires a team with the experience to research and factor the true entire scope of work including logistics into your claim, who’ll be there to negotiate, oversee, and bring about a successful settlement, call our team at 866-781-5820. We’ve been here to support your neighbors, and in the event of the unexpected, we’ll swiftly put our expertise and experience to work for you.


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