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Submitting a Property Insurance Claim? Tips For Property Managers

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In the hours and days following a property damage event, it is important to take immediate steps to both minimize interruption to tenants and property owners as well as to fully comply with local insurance ordinances and regulations. At this stage, having an advocate to provide guidance and direction can save valuable time from the beginning of the recovery process. Here are some tips from United Public Adjusters’ to assist property managers to form an action plan, submit their property insurance claim and ensure an optimal outcome.

  1. Inspect and Document: Before your insurance adjuster arrives, be sure to inspect and photograph losses as well as surrounding areas in case of future damage. For example, fire losses may be evident, however subsequent water damage to other areas may not immediately be apparent. Insurance adjusters will likely consider only losses that are seen as damaged at the time of inspection. It is very important to point out and take note of potential areas of residual/future loss.


  2. Review Your Insurance Policy: It’s a dull read, so many property managers do not review their coverage until it is needed. In a tenancy situation, individual home or rental insurance may cover the loss, not the commercial property policy. Before filing a property insurance claim, know what is covered and if the policy mandates who files the claim.


  3. Release Forms and Undisputed Payments: An insurance company’s reimbursement check will likely arrive accompanied by a release form. Sign and return it and hope that the check is sufficient to cover the losses. But what if it doesn’t?


  1. Don’t Settle: Those who settle for the insurance company’s initial offering may have to pay out of pocket to fully recover/replace your property losses. Before making that mistake, contact United Public Adjusters to assess the damage and direct the property insurance claim process. Trust United Public Adjusters to oversee and assist to resolve commercial property claims and to ensure the maximum settlement possible.


United Public Adjusters supports our clients by negotiating commercial property insurance claims with insurers to achieve the highest reimbursement possible. There are no upfront fees. United Public Adjusters starts by inspecting the property damage to gather the information we can use to settle with the insurance company.

Thinking of submitting a claim? For an optimal outcome, ask for ourcomplimentary review today.


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