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Submitting Water Damage Insurance Claims for Frozen Pipe Leaks

Whether you are a home, rental property, or business owner, when the Winter thaw finally arrives, it can be disturbing to discover that severe Winter weather has caused a frozen or burst water pipe on your premises. Evidence of a burst water pipe usually means the water has created additional issues. First, your walls will likely need to be opened up to discover the source. The full extent of this issue continues as mold and mildew spores may be present and these multiply exponentially the longer they are not remediated. There is also the possibility that the burst pipe has destroyed personal property such as items stored in the basement, or furnishings including wooden, upholstered, and leather furniture, clothing, sporting goods, even photographs and other family heirlooms. If the leak is related to a kitchen appliance, there may be flooring issues as well. For rental units, there is the additional concern that neighboring units and their furnishings may have been negatively impacted. Frozen pipe damage is a nightmare that is only exceeded by having to prepare and submit a frozen pipes insurance claim.

The first thought for home, property, and commercial business owners with frozen pipes is “Will my insurance policy cover this?” In this situation, before you call your insurer, call United Public Adjusters & Appraisers instead. We’ll work for you and your best interests, not the insurance company’s. Our services include assisting you to document and filing your frozen pipes insurance claim for any and all, including potential frozen pipe damage. Go it alone, and you’ll likely find a protracted claim process, exacerbated by a low ball settlement offer from your insurance company. Instead, our team will not only accelerate the claims process, we will also work to obtain the highest settlement your policy allows to restore your properties as quickly as possible. United Public Adjusters & Appraisers strives to make the entire process as worry free for our clients as possible, while accounting for all damages to make the policyholder whole for the damages sustained due to frozen pipes.
We will make certain that your claim submission includes our detailed estimates and inventories for both the building and personal property and other asset losses—both visible and potential. As stated, we will negotiate with your insurer for the highest payout your policy allows, but that is not all. If you have been displaced from your home or commercial property, we can assist you to locate temporary quarters. Also, once the settlement check is in your hands, to further facilitate your return to normalcy, we can recommend qualified building and restoration firms you can trust to rebuild your premises to its pre-frozen pipe damage condition.

If you’ve already submitted a frozen pipes insurance claim and are experiencing delays, or if your claim has been denied, or even underpaid, contact United Public Adjusters & Appraisers. We will be glad to intervene to bring about a positive outcome. There are no upfront costs for our professional services. We do not get paid unless we settle the claim and there are no out-of-pocket expenses to use our services.

If you have discovered frozen pipe damage on your property, we urge you to contact our team today!


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