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The Benefits of Using Leading Public Adjusters for Disaster Relief

Individual inspection home from natural disaster

In the wake of a natural disaster, there can be a roller coaster of emotions and responsibilities for commercial property and business owners alike. The strong desire to return to a semblance of ‘normal’ can influence many to believe whatever their policy’s insurance adjuster tells them and likely, to accept a replacement valuation that is in fact, far less than their losses. 

Most policyholders would not realize it, but there are several types of insurance adjusters. Staff and independent adjusters work for a single or perhaps many different insurance companies. Their interest and focus is in support of the insurer- not the policyholder. That is why, when disaster strikes, it is important to work with a leading public adjuster, who both represents and works entirely for policyholders and not the insurance companies.  

After a significant event such as a forest fire, flood, hurricane, temperature extremes, or tornado, staff insurance adjusters are in high demand as possibly thousands of policyholders have been impacted at the same time. This translates into long hours for the adjusters and a higher volume of claims to process. It is not a formula conducive to taking the time necessary to carefully evaluate each claim.

United Public Adjusters, a leading public adjusters firm, takes the time and steps necessary to evaluate each claim. We prepare detailed scope and cost estimates. As needed, third-party consultants may be called in to substantiate additional and potential future losses due to the event. Our adjusters are qualified to not only review but also to interpret insurance policies for a thorough understanding of coverages. This positions them well to negotiate with insurers, again, solely on behalf of policyholders, to arrive at a final and fair settlement the first time. 

At a time when business and commercial property owners need someone who has their back, our experienced and highly professional team of leading public adjusters will be quick to respond. Damage from forces of nature can leave many policyholders temporarily cash-strapped. Know that with United Public Adjusters, there will be no upfront client costs. We are truly here for our clients when it matters most. Team with our experienced advocates whose sole purpose is to help our clients at every stage of their disaster claim to help them to receive a fair settlement as quickly as possible. 

To learn more, contact United Public Adjusters at 1-800-718-LOSS.


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