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Top Summer Hazards: How Public Adjusters can Help

fire on grill outside

Every family looks forward to the summer season. The days are longer, the kids are out of school, trips to the beach, the parks, backyard barbecues, picnics, -all are indicators of our carefree lifestyles during the warmer months. United Public Adjusters & Appraisers wants you and your family to make happy memories this summer, and not have to file property damage claims. Take just a few minutes now to ensure a truly incident-free season. Here are our tips for sailing through the season. Yet be aware that should an event occur, and you need to file an insurance claim, that our team is here to assist. We’ll step in immediately to alleviate your stress, facilitate the claim submission, and negotiate with your insurer so that you receive the highest settlement possible as per your policy. 

Turning Off Your Home Security

Just because the days are lighter and longer does not mean that you are safe from thieves and/or vandals. Even if you are grilling on the deck, make sure the slider is closed and locked from within. Be vigilant: Do not leave doors unlocked or open just because the entire family is home. It’s a fact: property crimes increase from June through September and property damage claims along with it. So do your part and tighten your home security. It cannot work if you do not use it!

Grill Safely

Did you know? Many summertime house fires are caused by careless grillmasters? It is a given that food cooked over coals or fire is a summer highlight. But too many folks who tend their grills neglect safety precautions. Avoid summertime property damage claims:

  • Do not grill on a wooden deck. 
  • Do not grill near your home, garage, or any other outbuildings.
  • If rain is expected make other plans.
  • Do not grill inside your garage (even with the door up), under a carport, or a covered porch. Most grilling-related fires are caused when flare-ups or unattended grills catch the structure on fire or cause heat damage to vinyl siding, old wood decking, or outdoor carpeting. 

Maintain and Service Your Air Conditioners

Many homes have through the wall or in-the-window air conditioners. Their filters need to be cleaned routinely. Depending on the age of the unit, that could mean daily. It does not take long for filters to clog with leaves or dust, which can combust. Make sure you have your AC units serviced at the start of every season. That way you can be sure that there is sufficient coolant or whether it is time for a new unit entirely. 

Overworked Electrical Systems

Summer heat places extreme overuse of most household electrical systems. In summer, the average home’s power requirements increase by over 35%. During the dog days the power company’s brownouts can cause outages, blackouts and even short circuits. If your home has a number of multi-outlets plugged into a two outlet wall unit, it is time you called an electrician and updated your amp service. This is not inexpensive, but neither is a house fire. And that is the property damage claim no one wants to submit. Consider it an investment in your family’s safety. 

At United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, we recommend that you contact our team to discuss your options before you need to file a property insurance claim. We’re here to assist you at 1-800-718-5677. Call today!


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