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Why Plumbers should work with United Public Adjusters

By August 10th, 2023No Comments
view of plumbing leak pipes

As a plumber, property owners rely on you for your advice, knowledge, and ability to repair the leaking and broken pipes. Have you ever met with a property owner, reviewed their plumbing project, and provided a quote only to discover that settlement amount isn’t enough to cover your services? You know you offer quality workmanship, and your pricing is fair, but you risk losing the project because the property owner isn’t getting a fair settlement from their insurance carrier. That’s where United Public Adjusters can help. The best thing you can for your customer is to recommend a trusted claims professional to help them get the settlement they deserve.

Become the Hero

Property owners become frantic when they suffer significant water damage that threatens their business, family’s well-being, or rental income. They tend to take their stress out on the contractor who is trying to help solve their problem.

Making the recommendation that the property owner work with a claims expert like United Public Adjusters can make all the difference. We work with the insurance carrier to explain, show proof of damage, and negotiate a settlement that makes sense. When the property owner sees the value in getting a bigger settlement without having to handle it themselves, you will not only become a hero; you will be the plumbing contractor they trust with the repairs.

Get the Payment You Deserve

You may think there is little benefit in working with a public adjuster. The truth is we can help you get the payment you deserve for your services. While it’s your job to review the damage, make recommendations, and create a plan of action, you shouldn’t have to cut your pricing because the insurance carrier didn’t offer an appropriate settlement check.

There are two reasons property owners don’t get the right settlement during a claim. The first is because they skipped on coverage to save a few dollars. The second is they relied on the insurance carrier’s adjuster to do the right thing. Unlike the insurance company’s adjuster, United Public Adjusters works with the property owner’s best interests in mind. Our team reads through the insurance policy’s fine print to find additional coverage the insured may not know they have. We present our findings to the carrier requesting additional settlement funds that cover the project’s cost.

Faster Payments

When a property owner hires United Public Adjusters, they get an instant advocate. Let’s face it, is rare to find during the claims process. We also become the advocate for the contractors they choose to hire since we work to get the right settlement in a timely fashion. This means you get paid to complete a job faster without having to cut your costs. Contact us today to explore how we can be a resource for one another.


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