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Why Should Property Managers work with United Public Adjusters?

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Working with a public adjuster like United Public Adjusters may have never crossed your mind. But, it is a smart business choice for property managers. When a disaster or unexpected incident occurs, you are the first point of contact for your client. When the call happens, your daily responsibilities change in an instant. Navigating an insurance claim is often a messy process that leaves you with more work than you can handle and extra stress while you continue to serve all of your properties and clients. Getting support from an expert claims manager helps you tackle it all and creates stronger relationships with clients.

Ease the Burden

Depending on the severity of the damage, you could face months of endless work trying to settle a claim with an insurance company. The team at UPA reviews your insurance policy to identify coverage, exclusions, and conditions. We’ll file a notice with the carrier, document the damage with written reports and photos, and create a plan to mitigate the property to prevent further damage from occurring. By taking on a portion of the extra work, you get the time you need to continue serving other properties and tenants.

Receive Payment for Extra Work

While a public adjuster does take on many required tedious tasks during an insurance claim, there are some items you are still responsible for. Hiring contractors, discussions with tenants, and coordinating times with both for repair work remain your responsibility. All of these require extra time and resources you don’t typically have available. These should be considered as extra expenses incurred as a direct result of the claim.

United Public Adjusters works with you to determine the cost of the added responsibilities and includes the costs in their claim settlement recommendation to the insurance carrier. You deserve to receive compensation for extra work involved with an insurance claim, and we make sure you get it.

Speed of Settlement

Insurance carriers have up to ninety days to settle or deny a claim. Every minute they take is income out of your pocket. By hiring an experienced and licensed public adjuster, your claim receives the attention it deserves. Our experience shows that we can negotiate a final claim settlement faster than if you would manage it by yourself. Getting a quick settlement means you get to rebuild or repair damage efficiently and get your clients back in their home or business.


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