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Will My Tree Removal be Covered by Insurance?

By August 17th, 2023No Comments
Images of tree removal damage on home

When weather events such as tropical storms, hurricanes, tornados, wind storms and Nor’easters leave behind debris such as fallen trees, policyholders are left with extensive cleanup. Many questions on whether or not to contact the insurance company to help arise. Often, policyholders find themselves in this situation: Your tree removal invoice is $5,000 but after calling the insurance company, you find out that debris removal is ONLY covered up to $500, now what?

Be Wary of Coverage Provisions

Typically, debris removal is limited to $500 but that coverage provision only applies to what is left on the ground for removal after the tree company takes the trees off from your garage (other structures) or building/home (dwelling). Policies vary, in one example, if a tree crashes into just a BBQ, playset, table, or chairs (personal property) but it doesn’t hit structures (house/building) or other structures (garage, fence), the debris removal may not be covered.

Working with Your Tree Removal Company

When submitting the claim to the insurance company, be sure to check that the tree removal service invoice is broken out correctly. The cost to remove the trees from the structure and the cost to remove the tree branches off of the roof/chimney/fence must be separated. For example, your contractor submits a $5,000 bill- if it only states cost for removing trees, the insurance company will only pay out $500. The proper way to record the cost would be, $4,500 to remove trees from the structure, $500 to remove debris off-premises.

An Advocate to Guide You

Having damage due to fallen trees or windstorms can be tricky to decipher. Don’t worry, we are here to help. The adjustment team at United Public Adjusters & Appraisers Inc. is well versed in reading complex insurance policies and we can guide you towards not only understanding your coverage but also in taking the correct steps for you to receive insurance money. We also have the resources to assist with emergency restoration services to lessen the damage.

We can manage the whole claim for you as well, to ensure that proper insurance provisions are exercised so that you attain a maximum insurance payout in the least amount of time possible. We don’t get paid unless we settle the claim, so you have nothing to lose. At this point, you may have additional questions pertaining to your specific situation. Reach out to us for a No Cost Consultation. We are happy to answer additional questions and to assist with insurance recovery. Give us a call today at 1-800-718-5677 for your Free Consultation or fill out our form.


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