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A Guide on the Insurance Payout Process

By August 17th, 2023No Comments
Property Claim Form

For homeowners who have suffered extensive residential damage or loss, the complicated insurance recovery and rebuilding process may prove additionally unsettling. In this article, United Public Adjusters and Appraisers, details the insurance payout process, provides answers in our FAQs section, and offers a few insurance tips to ensure you’ll receive your just insurance payout for home damages.

Professional Public Adjusters Have Your Back

Even for the detail-oriented, it is hard to keep track of vendors, paperwork, and insurance company claim submission document requirements. Collecting your just settlement is time-consuming and requires expertise beyond most homeowners’ capabilities. Did you know? There is a completely separate process to collect insurance funds. It quickly becomes clear that you will need an advocate to manage your house fire insurance payout – a professional public adjuster such as United Public Adjusters & Appraisers Inc.

In the event your home or business is damaged or destroyed, follow these steps:


  1. Contact United Public Adjusters and Appraisers immediately, before you contact your insurer. We’ll help you assess and document the extent of your damages and review your homeowner’s insurance policies, as well as provide guidance throughout the claim process.
  2. Report your claim with your insurer. Again, UPA can appraise you on what to expect when the insurance adjuster assesses damages and determines a settlement amount.
    (As your advocate, UPA will oversee every step of the insurance side of the insurance payout for home damage claim process, negotiating with the insurer to make certain you’ll receive the highest payout your policy allows.)
  3. If your property is mortgaged, contact your Lender immediately.


  1. If you have a mortgage, when you receive your insurance payout for home damages the check will be made out to two parties, you and your bank.
  2. DO NOT endorse the claim check. Instead, mail/present the check to your Lender.
  3. Your Lender will deposit the check into an escrow account.


Depending on the amount of the check, the following will occur:

– The check covers minor damage and will be released to you to begin repairs.
– The check covers major damages and/or building replacement and will remain in escrow pending receipt of documentation to possibly include:
– An Endorsed Insurance Claim Check
– An Insurance Company Adjuster’s Worksheet
– A Signed Contract/Proposal with your Contractor
– Your  Contractor’s Waiver of Lien
– Your Contractor’s Internal Revenue W-9
– A Copy of your Contractor’s License
NOTE: These documents are your responsibility to obtain. UPA can provide guidance if required.


  • If your claim payout exceeds the Lender’s threshold, the bank will release additional funds from your claim settlement to cover the cost of the repairs/rebuild/replacement in stages, each marked by a property inspection.
  • A building inspector will verify that your contractor’s work is acceptable and upon receipt of all the documents listed in STEP THREE, the Lender will release additional funds.


  • When all restoration/rebuilding work is completed, inspected, and verified, the Lender will release the final insurance payout for home damage.


Your insurance payout for home damage reimbursement process will proceed smoothly by following these steps.

  • Communicate: After a claim occurs, ask your Lender to detail their process/requirements for processing insurance payments. Touch base with them throughout the process, to keep updated about their expectations.
  • Document: Take notes or ask them to send you an expectations document. Keep track of the individuals you communicate with, including names, departments, and contact numbers should you have questions later.

Want additional lender communication tips? Review this page.

With UPA by your Side, Recovery is Less Stressful

The recovery period after a devastating event to your home or business can be extensive and highly stressful, especially if you have sustained a devastating loss due to fire and are seeking a house fire insurance payout as quickly as possible. Policyholders expect to receive prompt insurance settlements to begin to rebuild. United Public Adjusters recognizes the financial and emotional needs to return to business expediently. That’s why we oversee every stage of the insurance claim process, from initial damage assessment through negotiating a just settlement in as short a period of time as possible.

United Public Adjusters’ experts are highly experienced in the complicated steps of post-disaster recovery. We’ll be glad to discuss your individual needs and requirements. Schedule your Free Consultation today by filling out this form.


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