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Born and raised New York native, twin brothers, Philip and Michael Maltaghati, share a unique bond and strong work ethic. A hallmark of the Maltaghati family is their deep philanthropic commitment to the community.  Their parents and family were active members of the Kiwanis Club, making their upbringing both busy and rewarding, with a strong emphasis on advocating for others. Over the years, the brothers participated in many philanthropic endeavors, which only increased their passion and desire to make their community a better place. The Maltaghati family, known for their successful businesses in real-estate and the appraisal industry, guided Michael and Philip to gain valuable experience in those fields. That knowledge and expertise lead to them join forces and form United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc.


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Mr. Philip Maltaghati

Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster 

Mr. Philip Maltaghati started his career in the appraisal industry. After Hurricane Katrina, Philip decided to obtain his Public Adjuster license and apply his expertise to advocate for others impacted by similar catastrophic situations. Being a true New Yorker, he has a deep appreciation of the city and its architectural diversity. In the early 2000s, Philip acquired endless hours of experience while working as a Real Estate Appraiser Assistant. Within this role, he flourished and advanced rapidly becoming an NYS Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser. He started appraising buildings with up to 4-family units worth over a million dollars. With this additional background in real-estate and construction, Philip currently thrives as a Public Adjuster, effectively and intelligently bringing forth exceptional knowledge to all of his claims.

Handling over a thousand insurance claims throughout his years at United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc., he has an unmatched dedication and understanding focusing on commercial claims, high-net-worth clients, and waterfront properties. With a particular recognition for his successful handling of claims, clients also enjoy his personable and humorous style while appreciating his honesty. His vast knowledge of the insurance process allows him to settle claims efficiently and quickly. Clients surely benefit from this expertise while feeling confident in Philip’s ability to re-establish their lives.

Philip currently resides in Manhattan and during his free time enjoys fishing, traveling and supporting not-for-profit organizations.

Mr. Michael Maltaghati

Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster 

Mr. Michael Maltaghati prides himself on ensuring that each and every client is fully informed and satisfied with United Public Adjusters & Appraiser’s services. Starting his career over a decade ago in the appraisal industry and real-estate business, Michael gained significant knowledge quickly and effectively. Attaining his broker license at an early age while employed with his grandfather at Ariola Realty, he gained prominent knowledge and expertise. Michael shortly after obtained his appraisal license allowing him to estimate the values of high-end homes. Later asked to assist with estimating damages due to Hurricane Katrina, Michael realized the devastating effects on property owners. Witnessing the effects of this disastrous situation firsthand led him to obtain his Public Adjuster license.

Experience with this disastrous tragedy only enhanced Michael’s belief that his clients deserve fair treatment. When handling a claim, he pays close attention to details so that he can pinpoint mistakes from the insurance carriers and obtain the best settlement for his clients. With his help and determination, Michael guarantees the partnership between his clients can bring forth a smooth, successful and greater settlement.

Michael currently resides in Long Island, and during his free time enjoys traveling, giving back to the community through local fundraisers, and spending time with his family.

  • Ryan Casali

    Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster / Inventory Specialist

    Stay in touch with Ryan via LinkedIn:

    Ryan Casali is an integral team member for United, as he is primarily involved with personal contents of homeowners and business owners. He hold degrees in education, including a bachelor’s degree from Dowling College, and a master’s degree from Adelphi University.

    As a former educator, Ryan believed his ability to relate to and care for others can help calm any nerves our customer might have. He accredits this skill to helping him within his new role when dealing with individuals who have lost homes or personal items.

    Ryan values the community he lives in and has been involved with charitable endeavors such as; participating in 5k runs to help feed families in need, helping run a soccer program for children with Autism. It is also the value of the community that inspired him to get involved with public adjusting.

    In his free time, Ryan enjoys watching sports and spending time with his family and friends.

  • Anthony DeLorenzo

    Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster / Sales

    Stay in touch with Anthony via LinkedIn:

    Anthony is an experienced Public Insurance Adjuster with a demonstrated history working in the insurance industry. He is skilled in negotiation, property and casualty insurance, sales management and finance. Anthony holds a degree in English from St. Joseph’s College.

    Anthony is dedicated to his customers and to the industry and maintains a high standard of professionalism at all times. He attributes his success to listening to customer’s needs, wants and desires. Anthony is all about teamwork and believes that together we can create a team, working for maximum efficiency and results. Anthony is responsible for implementing United’s service driven, results-focused business plan.

    In his free time, Anthony enjoys sports such as hockey and spending time with his family.

  • Joseph Maltaghati

    Claims Assistant / Marketing Assistant

    Stay in touch with Joseph via LinkedIn:

    Joseph is currently gaining experience in claim adjustments and other facets of business with United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. He is a proud graduate of St. John’s University with a degree in Risk Management and Insurance. Joseph is a vital team member of United’s operations as he supports both the claims and marketing department via:

    • Assisting adjusters with documenting claims
    • Traveling to loss sites with loss adjusters to inspect claims
    • Cataloging damages and inputs data for adjusters
    • Assisting with execution of marketing strategy

    In his free time, Joseph enjoys bowling, Romeo’s Pizza and spending time with his family.

  • Joanna Pawlowska

    Vice President of Marketing/Public Insurance Adjuster

    Stay in touch with Joanna via LinkedIn:

    Joanna Pawlowska is a seasoned advertising and marketing evangelist with over 15 years of experience in driving change. Joanna’s expertise in measurable marketing programs spans over the B2B and B2C landscape, both on a domestic and international front. Joanna holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design and a master’s degree in International Marketing Management from Boston University; allowing her to develop and execute campaigns from strategy through aesthetic representation.

    In addition to marketing functions, Joanna is the liaison between clients and the adjustment team and is responsible for claim intake for the organization. Her unique skill set of connecting with people, allows her to contribute to management of the claims process from an empathetic standpoint.

    Another area of contribution is Joanna’s involvement in the operations of the company. From assessing company workflows, to acquisitions, to focus on strong culture of the growing organization, Joanna is always willing to take on new challenges. Joanna’s latest undertaking was her involvement in the expansion of United’s operations into California and developing the organization into a national brand.

    Joanna’s professional success is attributed to integrity, creativity, work ethic, a focus on relationships and adaptation to constant change. Joanna displays an entrepreneurial spirit. She is passionate about helping people via charity work and art. She volunteers her marketing expertise and time for a gamut of local charities, which have included: First Company Pink, Federation of Organizations, Toys for Tots, Friends of Karen, The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, The Marty Lyons Foundation and Hope Ministries; to name a few.

    In her free time, Joanna enjoys spending time with the people she loves, painting, listening to jazz (with a glass of vino, of course), eating pineapples and exploring nature. In fact, she is an avid traveler and has visited over 17 Caribbean islands over the past two years; with focus on learning about the cultures of each place she visited.

  • James Southard

    Licensed Inside Public Adjuster

    Stay in touch with James via LinkedIn:

    James Southard earned his bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Hofstra University and then began his career in the private accounting industry. James continued his education and earned his Master of Science degree in Accounting while working full time for a company consisting of three prestigious imported furniture brands. Throughout his tenure, he proved efficient and diligent in handling showrooms across the United States and dealers in every state, including Canada. He oversaw extensive projects with Apple in California, NBC in New York and Salvatore Ferragamo, Neiman Marcus in Atlanta, San Antonio, and Florida.

    James realized that his project experience and accounting background could be utilized to help residents and businesses in his community dealing with property damage claims. His persistence and dedication to details is paramount when communicating with insurance carriers so that clients can be properly compensated and made whole again. Clients enjoy his personable demeanor and willingness to make their transition from the loss as seamless as possible.

    James is a crucial member of the team as he assists United in everything from on-site inventories to handling business interruption claims, meetings with adjusters, experts, and insureds. His involvement with on-site inventories ranges from fire at a Manhattan restaurant; power outage at a Bronx Supermarket; fire at a Brooklyn brownstone; water losses from Queens to Hamptons; wind/tree into a residential home on North Shore of Long Island; Hurricane and Flood losses in Florida; and Manhattan condo units.

    Typically, the type of business interruption claims he handles include: Bronx supermarkets; Brooklyn school supply store; Manhattan and Brooklyn hotels; Queens and Suffolk liquor stores; Suffolk auto body shop; Manhattan, Nassau, Suffolk restaurants; Queens laundromat; apartment and SRO (single resident occupancy) building; loss of rental income for landlords throughout the five boroughs, Long Island, Florida, U.S. Virgin Islands; Manhattan fabric seller; Manhattan dermatologist; gas stations; eyeglass seller/doctor’s office.

    James currently resides in Long Island and during his free time enjoys intramural sports (hockey, football, softball) and supporting his community with volunteer events and local fundraisers.

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