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Does Your Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Roof Leaks

The time to find out if and under what circumstances your homeowner’s insurance policy offers coverage for a roof leak is usually right after you’ve noticed a disturbing bulge in your ceiling. That event is generally followed by a frantic search for your policy’s file folder in your home office, then by judicious scanning of its contents, which may be open to interpretation. Before you call your insurance carrier, if you have not already, this would be the appropriate time to call a public adjuster for roof claim advice. That’s because a typical homeowner’s insurance policy document could range from 100 to 300 pages and discuss coverages, exclusions, and limitations. For homeowners whose familiarity with insurance coverage began and ended with a visit to a local broker, generally in the distant past, attempting to read and understand the verbiage will be difficult at best. However, with years of handling residential and commercial building damages, United Public Adjusters & Appraisers know exactly what policy language to look for and how it will affect your leaking roof insurance claim for damages.

To answer the title question, depending on your insurance policy language, its interpretation, and the facts surrounding the cause of loss, there may be, in fact, coverage for your property damages. Homeowner’s insurance typically covers roof leaks if they’re caused by a sudden, accidental event such as a storm or fallen tree. However, your policy likely won’t pay for a leak that develops because your roof is old or poorly maintained.  Whatever caused your roof leak, taking on your insurance carrier on your own including documenting and estimating building, business personal property, and loss of revenue damages can be an overwhelming task and is not advisable. This is where hiring an experienced and licensed public adjuster for roof claim advice as well as to handle your roof damage insurance claims is the right call! Here’s what you can expect.

Not all policies and claim situations are alike, so our team will first thoroughly review your homeowner’s policy as well as any other insurance policies you have, such as for liability and property coverage. For example, do you have a high deductible? Be aware that that amount will likely be subtracted from the settlement offer. Also, are you aware of how having a cash value versus a replacement value policy will affect your claim’s outcome? Could a policy exclusion prevent you from receiving any settlement at all? Any potential shortfalls will be noted, so you can make policy updates as needed before a situation arises that requires a claim submission. Should that event occur, such as a fierce storm that causes roof damage and subsequent leaks damage your home’s structure and some of its contents, United Public Adjusters & Appraisers will be there to assist you.

Be sure to call our professionals before you call your insurance carrier. We’ll promptly respond to inspect and document the damage, especially hidden potential damage, and provide guidance to prepare and submit your claim. Statistically, homeowners who go it alone receive far lower settlement offers from their carrier than claims that are directed and negotiated by public adjusters on behalf of our clients. Whether your roof damage was caused by natural elements or shoddy workmanship, we’ll have your back to ensure that you receive the highest settlement your policy allows. 

With United Public Adjusters & Appraisers as your public adjuster for roof claims as well as any other property or liability claim you may have to submit, you’ll have complete peace of mind. Put our number in your cell phone and contact us today


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