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Floods Bring a Hefty Amount of Damage. Don’t Fix It Alone.

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administers flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). This program enables property owners to purchase flood insurance in return for a community’s adherence to a flood plan.

Individuals and businesses interested in flood insurance should check with their local authorities to determine if the community is a participating community within the flood program, at which point flood insurance may be purchased from any licensed property agent.

Eligibility for coverage includes any property owner (building and contents) in an approved community, including:

  • Residential and commercial building owners
  • Condominium associations
  • Builders of a building in course of construction
  • Tenants buildings for their personal property

Under the NIFP program, a flood is defined as a general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of normally dry land in areas of:

  • the overflow of inland or tidal waters
  • the unusual and rapid accumulation or runoff of surface waters from any source

Cleaning up after a flood is not a quick process. Construction costs start piling up, as well as replacement costs for business and residential property damaged by flood water. To make matters worse, you’re displaced as your property gets fixed. It’s upsetting and frustrating. Dealing with insurance claims is the last thing you need added to your to-do list. Talk about aggravation. Our public adjusters will work to advocate on your behalf and negotiate all claims and losses associated with the flood waters.

Insurance companies make the claims process as complex as they can for a reason—they want to protect their own financial interests. With a public adjuster, we make sure that insurance companies don’t take advantage of our clients. Since public insurance claim adjusters are professionally skilled at handling insurance claims, we thoroughly process the claim on your behalf.


Flood damage claims are complicated. Not all water damage claims are covered under flood insurance. For example, if strong winds during a thunderstorm damage your roof causing your home to experience water damage, this damage should be covered under your homeowner’s policy, not flood insurance. However, if groundwater rises resulting from intense thunderstorms, and your home floods, a flood insurance policy should cover this. Additionally, flood insurance is not a part of your homeowner’s insurance policy. It’s a separate policy that you must purchase. Flood damage coverage versus water damage coverage is quite nuanced. Let a public adjuster tell you what’s covered and what’s not covered under your insurance coverage.

At United Public Adjusters, we’re driven and proactive. We live in the communities we serve. Taking care of you is a personal matter to us. We advocate on your behalf so you can care for yourself, your family, and your home. Have flood waters damaged your home or business property? United Public Adjusters is here to help.


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