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Aligning Crisis Recovery with NYC’s Environmental Vision – A Case Study in Local Law 97 Compliance

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When a historic 1920s cooperative building in New York City faced a major flood crisis, United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. stepped in, not only to manage the immediate damages but also to align the building’s recovery with New York City’s ambitious environmental goals, particularly Local Law 97 (LL97).

The Incident and Immediate Response:

A catastrophic flood in the building’s boiler room presented an urgent challenge. The crisis required immediate attention and a strategy that considered both short-term recovery and long-term sustainability.

Our Role: From Documentation to Advocacy

  1. Meticulous Documentation:
    Our team meticulously documented the extent of the damages in real time. We believed that the most comprehensive and well-documented claims lead to the best settlement outcomes.
  2. Expert Coordination and Claim Management:
    Collaborating closely with the cooperative’s board, property management, MEP engineering firm, and boiler company, we crafted and presented a detailed insurance claim.
  3. Addressing Underestimations:
    We actively countered the insurance company’s attempts to downplay the damages, ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation.
  4. Sustainable and Future-Proof Upgrades:In light of LL97, which targets carbon neutrality by 2050, we advocated for the installation of energy-efficient dual-fuel boilers, paving the way for the property to meet future environmental standards.

Tackling Insurance and LL97 Compliance:

  • In-Depth Understanding of LL97: Our strategy was informed by an in-depth understanding of Local Law 97, ensuring that the building’s upgrades would contribute to the city’s carbon neutrality goals.
  • Persistent Advocacy: Our consistent and detailed documentation and advocacy efforts were crucial in navigating the insurance landscape and achieving a favorable settlement.

Outcome and Long-Term Impact:

  • Energy-Efficient Systems: The installation of modern, energy-efficient boilers not only restored the building but also enhanced its operational efficiency and environmental compliance.
  • Alignment with Environmental Goals: The cooperative is now better positioned to meet LL97 requirements, signifying a commitment to sustainable urban living.


This case highlights the importance of a holistic approach to property damage claims. United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, Inc. demonstrated that effective crisis management can go hand in hand with forward-looking environmental compliance, especially in the context of NYC’s LL97.

Ready for a Sustainable Recovery Strategy?

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