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Recent Tri-State Earthquake – What to Do If You Have Earthquake Property Damage

Many who regard earthquakes as seismic events that ‘cannot happen here’ were shocked to discover recently that yes, indeed they can. On Friday morning, April 5th, 2024, at 10:23 AM, a 4.8-mag earthquake rocked the Middle Atlantic and New England states, causing immediate and unseen damage. Later in the day, an aftershock with a 3.0 magnitude was felt hundreds of miles away from the quake’s epicenter, near Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, which is about 45 miles from Midtown Manhattan. On social media outlets, there are countless security videos of pictures falling off walls, glassware sliding off shelving, and children’s swing sets being tipped over. Shock value aside, these videos serve to remind residents that, while brief, the earthquake damaged and destroyed property. If you believe you have sustained earthquake property damage, United Public Adjusters & Appraisers can become your strong advocate to help you prepare and submit an earthquake damage claim and oversee its processing to ensure an optimal outcome.

Earthquakes are infrequent on the East Coast, but they do occur. According to FEMA, every year, temblors cause over 8 billion dollars in earthquake property damage. Earthquake damage can be immediately evident but know that for many, there are hidden issues that surface months after the date of the event. These include damaged roofing, cracks in walls, walkways, patios, entry steps, and driveways as well as structural damage to a foundation. Regardless of the extent of any visible damage to your home or business premises, let United Public Adjusters & Appraisers assist you to:

  • Assess and document damage as well as asset losses.
  • Look for signs of hidden or potential damage.
  • Review your policy/policies for coverages and exceptions.
  • Assist you in the preparation and submission of your claim. Our team includes expert construction estimators who can not only look for hidden damages but also real-time costs to repair/renovate/replace damaged or destroyed structures and/or personal property.
  • Monitor your claim and negotiate with your insurance carrier if necessary.
  • Bring about the highest settlement consideration your policy allows.

Also, as the quake was widespread, in the coming months, insurance carriers will be inundated with earthquake property claims. Allow United Public Adjusters & Appraisers to skillfully oversee the processing of your earthquake damage claim to bring about a just settlement as promptly as possible. Suppose your home or business has sustained sufficient earthquake damage to be uninhabitable. In that case, our team can also assist you in finding temporary housing as well as office or manufacturing space so that your and your family’s lives, as well as your business productivity, are not further impacted.

Whether you speak with us now, in a few weeks or months when you notice additional earthquake damage, or when you receive an offer from your carrier that will not begin to cover your losses, be sure to have United Public Adjusters & Appraisers on your cell phone list. We’ll have your back, whatever the circumstance or contingency. One last fact: property insurance claims that involve public adjusters to oversee their processing receive exponentially higher settlement offers than claims that are prepared and submitted by home or business owners themselves. For that reason alone, we urge you to call United Public Adjusters & Appraisers!


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