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Unraveling the Complexities: A Case Study in Construction Damage

In the bustling neighborhood of Queens, NY, there is constant construction happening as businesses and residential populations continue to grow. While much of the construction is essential for the expansion and well-being of the area, without the proper oversight, these activities can have negative impacts on neighboring buildings. The following case study delves into the details of one of our clients in Queens who faced the consequences of adjacent construction damages and how we were able to help them navigate their claim with the insurance companies involved.

This case not only underscores the intricate challenges of large-scale property insurance claims but simultaneously showcases our team’s unwavering commitment to achieving the best possible results for our clients. With our help, this property owner in Queens was able to secure a six-figure settlement that allowed them to restore their building and get back to business as usual. Let’s get into the case and

The Challenge: Unforeseen Construction Impact

At the heart of the case, we found a large development adjacent to our client’s insured building. Mistakes were made on the construction team’s end due to a lack of proper vibration monitoring and supervision of the project. As a result, significant damage occurred to our client’s property when concrete forms in the foundation were blown out, and vibrations caused cracking in the sidewalks and the building’s facade.

While an outside perspective might easily come to the conclusion of the cause, effect, and at-fault party, a case like this is far from straightforward. The unique nature of this claim highlighted the imperative need for meticulous investigation and legal expertise. This is where our team of highly skilled and experienced public adjusters came into play.

Being an Advocate: Our Unwavering Dedication

Our team approached this case with a deep sense of reverence, as we’d previously worked with the client and established a strong bond. The client’s trust and confidence in our team stemmed directly from the successful outcome we’d help them achieve for their previous claim. The favorable results that we deliver for our clients are a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and advocacy. For us, it’s not just a professional obligation, it’s a core tenet embedded in the ethos of our team.

We consistently go above and beyond and work tirelessly investing time, energy, and expertise where it really counts in order to help our clients get the life-changing settlement they deserve. Every case is an opportunity to fully immerse ourselves in the details and we leave no stone left unturned when it comes to compiling vital information for our client’s case – and this case was no different. Our team did everything in their power to ensure that this client’s rights and entitlements were vehemently protected from uncooperative insurance companies.

Navigating a Complex Terrain: Coordinating Interactions Between Multiple Parties and Insurers

With so many different property owners and affected parties involved in this incident, it caused a lot of overlap and confusion when it came time to determine who was entitled to what. The involvement of multiple insurance entities further complicated the situation. This is yet another example of how our expertise, knowledge, and strategic efforts were vital assets to our client. We were able to leverage these skills in order to successfully maneuvered through the complicated web that was this case.

The Turning Point: Triumph Amidst Adversity

Based on the details of this specific case, it’s likely that this client would’ve had their claim denied fully if they hadn’t had our team’s support. The insurance companies attempted to use their most common justification for claim denials, Earth Movement, as the reasoning behind our client’s property damage. Even though the truth was clear to us, without the proper investigation and documentation, this outcome is all too common for property owners that take on damage claims alone.

Our team documented everything and worked diligently to uncover all the damage, including minor details that aren’t visible but pose a potential threat to the client’s property in the future. Finding a firm that is this thorough and passionate about client cases is rare, and that’s why our team is proud to be one of a kind. With our specialized expertise and strategic tactics, we were able to get the insurance companies to acknowledge the severity of the damages as well as the at-fault party.

Setting Precedents and Winning Big for Our Clients

This case is one of many that sheds light on the common practices of insurance companies. Misquoting and misinterpreting policy language, avoiding putting critical details in writing – these are strategic measures that insurers take in order to delay and deny claims that they know will otherwise require large payouts. These details underscore the importance of having vigilant representation on your side to help safeguard against these unscrupulous behaviors to ensure a fair outcome.

For this case in particular, you can clearly see the unshakable spirit of our team as well as our unflinching commitment to getting the best results for our clients. With so many parties involved that are all out for their own interests, it’s vitally important that property owners have someone in their corner. We were proud to be this driving force for our client. Keeping their case on track, expediting procedures when possible, and pushing back against the insurance companies’ unfair tactics allowed us to achieve a six-figure settlement for our client. This settlement afforded them the opportunity to get back on their feet and get their business up and running faster than they thought possible.


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