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Why Should A Manhattan Property Manager Know A Licensed Public Adjuster?

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Assuming the role of a condo property manager in Manhattan involves great responsibility. In addition to establishing rental rates, and filling vacant units, the manager negotiates and enforces leases, collects rents, pays bills, and prepares the annual budget. Their tasks include contracting for building maintenance, overseeing renovations, and supervising repairs. To summarize, the condo property manager seamlessly maintains their building’s status quo so that tenants’ lives are undisturbed.

When structural or other property damage occurs, it is the property manager who must assess the damage, submit insurance claims, accept the settlement, and ensure that the monies cover necessary repairs and/or replacement. What happens when a claim is complicated or takes a great deal of time and effort to compile? Or, if the insurance company’s claims processing timeline is far longer than the management company’s need for funds? What if the insurance settlement does not cover the cost of the damage? What does the property manager do if the insurance company denies the claim entirely? Even with a team that is a big ask. Here’s the biggest: What happens when not only does the condo building suffer damage, but it is compounded by business personal property damage resulting in income losses as well?

What Does a Manhattan Condo Claims Adjuster Do?

These scenarios demonstrate exactly why NYC property managers need a professional Manhattan condo claims adjuster who’ll have their back. For over a decade, United Public Adjusters has provided professional, independent adjusters who work for our clients, not the insurers. For property managers already taxed with the burden of running a business under adverse conditions, UPA does not require any upfront costs. Our team will assess and document all present and note potential future damages, then prepare and submit the claim. What we do next makes all the difference: we perform due diligence and will negotiate with insurers to obtain the highest settlement your policy allows.

So, who needs a Manhattan condo claims adjuster? Every condo property manager in NYC. At United Public Adjuster, our experience and persistence make a big difference in your claim’s outcome. Need a claim review? We’ll be glad to assist you. To learn more, consult with our experts. Call us at 800-718-5677, email us at, or fill out our form for a prompt response.


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