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Since the earliest days of our nation, Lloyd Neck has been a village of significance. In 1779 a key raid during the Revolutionary War was carried out here on the intel of the famed Culper spy ring, as some of these operatives called Lloyd Neck home. At that time, the region was populated primarily by the area’s wealthiest families. Since that time, nothing has changed. The average household income is currently $388,965. In the third quarter of 2022, the median home value here was $2 million with housing stock ranging from carriage houses on Gold Coast estates, to the very manor houses themselves. In this era of hybrid work arrangements, Lloyd Neck residents opt for commutation to Manhattan via car, water ferry, by seaplane, and even by helicopter to midtown. Many K-12 students attend private schools, however, the Cold Spring Harbor school district is one of the nation’s best. Life is idyllic and very upscale. However, the fury of natural forces does not discriminate between modest subdivisions and waterfront estates. Due to its location with some areas surrounded by water on three sides, over the last century many notable storms have left their mark on Lloyd Neck, including Katrina (2005) and Sandy (2012). 

Should a storm, flood, or fire impact your Lloyd Neck residence or property, it is a mistake to believe that your insurance company works in your best interest. The reality is exactly the opposite. It is not advisable for Lloyd Neck homeowners and other HNW individuals to submit their property damage claim on their own. So, who looks out for your best interests? A public adjuster. Lloyd Neck homes and properties are well-maintained and upscale, designed by leading architects and furnished by renowned designers. However, after a severe storm, electrical fire, flood, or other unforeseen event, homes can sustain sizable asset damages or losses. Our team realizes that professionals and business owners have little time to assess the extent of visible damages, document them, then review their insurance policies as well as prepare and submit a claim to their insurer. As your Lloyd Neck NY public adjuster, United Public Adjusters & Appraisers steps in and takes over the detailed process of documenting damages/losses, and preparing and submitting a successful claim. ‘Successful’ means that we will negotiate with your insurer until your settlement is the largest your policy allows.

That is not all we do for our clients. Often there is residual damage that is not immediately visible, but caused by that initial event. Months after a storm breaches a roof or enters a basement, residual, unseen moisture may eventually seep into and destroy ceilings and walls below. There is also the prospect of mold developing from that one-time event that occurred possibly months before. As part of your claim, our public adjusters will take into account any potential issues that may surface at a later time before we submit your claim.

As the preferred public adjuster in Lloyd Neck and throughout Long Island and Manhattan, United Public Adjusters & Appraisers has ‘been there’ to assist and support our clients throughout their property and liability claims process. If restoring your residence requires temporary housing for your family, accommodations made to keep your business up and running, as well as many other considerations, we will be there to support you throughout the process. 

At United Public Adjusters & Appraisers, we pride ourselves in looking at the big picture for our clients and evaluating every possible contingency. That is why, for many Long Island and Manhattan HNW individuals, we are the public adjuster for Lloyd Neck, the North Shore, and the East End of Long Island. 

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