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Vandalism? Theft? Riot Damage? We're ready to assist with Insurance Recovery!

Images of riots, bulglary, theft, and arson

Theft, Vandalism and Riot property damage can take many forms:

  • businesses destroyed by rioters, looting inventory and vandalizing business property and buildings
  • construction tools stolen from a site, copper, heating equipment, construction materials (primarily in a building under construction)
  • your prized art or car collection, your great-grandmother’s precious jewelry and the pocket watch you inherited from your father is stolen
  • expensive electronics equipment necessary for business operations stolen, hindering profitability

One element that is constant when theft, vandalism or riots occur is that property owners feel violated, and unsafe. Property damage can present itself in unexpected forms. For example, you may be under construction to build a new home or a large commercial building and have a builders risk policy, you come back from a long week with your construction team and see water damage everywhere as vandals stole the copper to the water meter and the broken pipes now flooded the building.  You may also see that vandals sprayed graffiti on the walls and floors. Vandals may have seen a vacant home and wanted to have a party without permission. At worse, sometimes thieves find a vacant home under construction and break in every night to sleep inside and while trying to stay warm, they set a small fire which gets out of hand.

In the case of a business invasion, the loss of your valuables can feel even more cumbersome. Expensive machinery, inventory, computers, housing, incomplete projects, and vital records containing confidential employee information are all at stake. 

To bring heartbreak even further, insurance companies will never understand the sentiment those objects once held, nor the true value of your business assets – making fighting claims a lengthy and frustrating process.

When theft, vandalism or riots occur, you deserve an advocate on your side. United Public Adjusters can be that for you.

Types of Theft and Vandalism

Theft is the intentional taking and carrying away of property without permission and with the purpose to deprive you of it. Burglary occurs when a property is damaged by someone breaking into your house or business. For example, if someone damages your front door or garage door during a home invasion, that damage is covered under burglary, not theft. Vandalism, or malicious mischief, is when someone intentionally destroys property, such as spraying the walls with graffiti or breaking bathroom or kitchen fixtures.

Whatever the disaster may be, your property has still been tampered with, leaving you feeling vulnerable and defeated. It’s likely that you have not previously filed a valuation of all stolen or damaged items. Since the true value of all personal items fluctuates so drastically from case to case, insurance companies have leverage over your personal opinions.

Don’t allow your insurance company to take advantage of your defenseless state of mind. A public adjuster will be the support system to back your sentimental claims.

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