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Long Island’s Gold Coast, along its North Shore, has been renowned as an upscale area for well over a century. It earned its name from the many stately mansions built from the 1880s through the 1920s by socialites, leading industrialists, politicians, movie stars, and even titled individuals. Scenic Muttontown, just over the Nassau County border, was once home to Knollwood, a stately stone mansion owned over time by financiers and a foreign potentate. While that residence is long gone, today Muttontown’s tree-lined avenues feature well-kept residences on several acres, with immaculately groomed landscaping including majestic historic oaks, maples, and conifers. It is also true that storms frequently cause property damage when part or all of these suburban woodlands are impacted by natural elements. That alone is a major consideration for homeowners along Northern Boulevard to contact United Public Adjusters. Think of us as your Muttontown NY public adjusters.

Here’s why:

It is not easy to protect your home from potential damage from falling trees. Local ordinances not only regulate where structures may be built, but also prohibit tree removal without a permit.  While these laws help to protect the environment, the region’s beauty, as well as increase property values, it can be difficult to negotiate around these mandates when your neighbors’ trees cause damage to your home, its contents, or your property -or your neighbors’. Without the assistance of United Public Adjusters as your Muttontown, NY public adjusters, it can be tricky to compile and submit a property damage claim caused by trees. It is well documented that half of the claims submitted by homeowners are paid out at far lower return rates than property damage claims that have been compiled and submitted by professional public adjusters. In fact, United Public Adjusters works hard to ensure that you will receive the highest settlement allowable by your insurance policy. 

We recommend that you contact United Public Adjusters & Appraisers for a consultation. As your Muttontown, NY public adjusters, we will be glad to demonstrate how we can assist you in your time of greatest need by providing claims submission, relocation, claims dispute and resolution, and more for your home and your business. Contact us. We look forward to serving you at: 800-718-5677.  


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