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Sinkholes Bring Destruction. We’ll Bring the Help.

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Sinkholes usually happen naturally and without warning while others are the result of human activity. Natural sinkholes are particularly common in Florida, Texas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Alabama. Manmade sinkholes can stem from a water main break, removal or diversion of groundwater, the collapse of an abandoned mine, and a collection of water on the ground surface.

Sinkholes can swallow homes and businesses. Property owners don’t even realize that there is damage to their property because the majority of sinkhole activity occurs beneath the land surface. In a matter of moments, your entire life can be gobbled up into the abyss as sinkholes are typically total losses.

So, what is a sinkhole? A sinkhole forms when the underground water supply dissolves the rock (usually limestone) and carries it away. This creates a large crack in the bedrock, and the stone continues to disintegrate, forming caves. The land then gives way to fill the underground caves, and the sinkhole is born.

Successfully settling a sinkhole claim can require quite a few industry experts to prove your loss. Geological testing, for example, is required to analyze the ground and property owner may be financially responsible for some of the testing costs if the insurance company’s testing company does not verify the presence of a sinkhole loss. These tests aim to conclude if damage to a structure has been caused by:

  • Organic Material
  • Loose Fill
  • Sinkhole Activity
  • Expansive Clay Soils
  • Decay
  • Construction Defects

Structural engineers are needed to recommend a variety of ways to fix your sinkhole. If your claim is denied, challenging the insurance company’s denial can become a lengthy, expensive and complicated process. Don’t worry, having an industry expert such as United Public Adjusters & Appriasers Inc. on your side will give you access to the experts and tools you need in order to get back to normal!

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