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Why should Accountants and Attorneys work with United Public Adjusters?

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When a business or home is damaged by a fire or natural disaster, property owners contact their insurance agent first. Many times, especially if a business experiences damage, they also approach their accountant and attorney for advice. They trust your financial and legal opinion and expertise on what to do next. The best thing you can recommend to a client is that they seek claims management help from an expert like United Public Adjusters.

Stick to What You Know

While it is your job to offer guidance in your specialized area, it is not your job to manage or settle an insurance claim. By recommending a public adjuster, you alleviate a client’s stress and move their questions to someone that can help answer them.

Get the Knowledge You Need

Sometimes a client will contact you after they have already tried to settle an insurance claim looking for help to get more money from the insurance carrier or advice on how to pay for the damage. Being an expert in law or accounting, you understand the value in connecting with other experts to build your case.

As an attorney, a public adjuster, like UPA, you can gain access to claim information, coverage analysis, and expert recommendations. We’ll review the client’s existing claim, inspect the damaged area, and create a report of our findings to send to the insurance carrier. All of this information can be shared with you in the event the client has to go to court to receive a fair settlement. If we don’t achieve a settlement, your client doesn’t pay a fee.

As an accountant, recommending UPA to clients gives them a risk-free way to acquire a settlement that pays the damage expenses. Otherwise, they risk not having enough money and being forced to close which puts you at risk of losing a valuable client.

Build Relationships

Strong relationships are essential for attorneys and accountants to retain clients. The last thing you want is to damage an existing relationship because you said you couldn’t help. Having a public adjuster to recommend gives you answer when they are in the middle of their most stressful moments. They will not appreciate your recommendation; their trust will increase.

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